bico yarns
Bicomponent Yarns

Bico yarns of which each filament consists of a core with normal melting point covered by a bonding sheat with a low melting point .

Core could be PA or PES.
Sheat could be low melting points, bonding and adhesive CoPES and CoPA.

Bico yarn type offers excellent processing properties and improves the strength and durability of any textile structure.

Applications are similar to combi fusible bonding yarns in the textile industry.

Bicomponent Bonding Yarns could also be used for many technical textile applications.
Bico Bonding Yarns can also be introduced in high performance fiber reinforced composite.

GRILON® Bicomponent yarns are available only upon request in various counts and melting temperature ranges.

Our GRILON® bicoponent yarns are Oeko-Tex certificated standard 100, product class I.
Our GRILON® bicoponent yarns are have REACH Approval

Ems Grilon  Bico yarns Ems Grilon Bico yarn type Core/Sheath

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