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    This policy applies to cookies deposited on the laposte.net messaging system, the districo.com.

  • Why does Districo use cookies?

    Districo uses cookies to provide you with an optimal user experience tailored to your personal preferences. By using cookies, Districo prevents you from having to re-enter the same information each time you visit our websites. Cookies are also used to optimize the performance of our website. For example, they facilitate your navigation and help you find specific content more quickly..

  • What types of cookies are used on our sites?

    • Technical and navigation cookies

    These cookies are deposited on all our websites, mobile sites and mobile applications. They facilitate your navigation between the pages of our sites and applications and are also necessary to enable you to benefit from certain features of our sites and expire automatically when you close your browser. If you have chosen to disable these cookies via your web browser, access to the site may be impaired. We therefore advise you to leave them active in order to take full advantage of our services and your navigation on our sites and applications.

    • The cookie for audience measurement and browsing tracking

    This cookie is deposited on all the websites, mobile sites. It allows us to collect anonymous statistical data on the frequentation of our site in order to improve its ergonomics. You can deactivate it from the section below "How to manage the deposit and reading of cookies".

  • How long do cookies last?

    The cookies for targeted advertising and audience measurement deposited directly or indirectly by Districo have a validity period of 12 months maximum. Your consent will be requested again at the end of this period by the display of the information banner.

  • From your browser :

    1- Internet Explorer :

    • Click on Tools at the top of the browser window and select Internet Options..
    • In the options window, click on the Privacy tab..
    • To disable cookies, move the cursor all the way to the top to block all cookies.

    For more information :


    2- Firefox :

    • Click on Tools in the browser menu and select Options.
    • Select the Privacy pane.
    • To disable cookies, deselect the Accept Cookies box on the Site..

    For more information :


    3- Google Chrome :

    • Click on the Chrome menu in the browser toolbar.
    • Select the Settings option.
    • Click View Advanced Settings.
    • In the Privacy section, click on the Content Settings, Cookie and Site Data button. You then have the option to delete them all or select them one by one.. 

    For more information :


    4- Safari :

    • Go to Settings > Safari > Clear Cookies and Data.

    For more information :


    5- Opera :

    • Go to Preferences > Advanced > Cookies

    For more information :


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