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GRILON® Fusible bonding yarns.

GRILON® Fusible bonding/ adhesive/ thermoformable yarns are low melt nylon, Co-PA (copolyamide) and low melt polyester, Co-PES (copolyester) multifilaments used for technical applications in the textile industry worldwide.

These low melting fusible yarns, low melt threads, bonding threads, thermoformable yarn, hot melting yarns, fusible thread, fusion yarns CoPES and CoPA are available in various melting points and counts : 60°C, 85°C, 110°C, 140°C, 160°C / 23 dtex to 1100 dtex. ( KE60 - K85 - K110 - K140 - KE135 - KE160...)

Our GRILON® meltbonding yarn can be stitched, knitted, woven, braided, embroidered, covered... It is thus possible to use them precisely and effectively where needed, on a fabric, on a garment...

When the correct amount of heat is applied to our low melting point GRILON® yarns, they melt and become a bonding, adhesive, shaping and stiffening element.

Our thermoformable yarns are the best choice for producing durable and high qualtiy 3D knitted products.

Our low melt yarns are also available in BLACK color (dope dyed). Grilon KE60 black / Grilon K85 black / Grilon K110 black.

GRILON® Combi bonding yarns

GRILON® Combi bonding / adhesive yarns are made out of low melt fusible bonding yarn twisted with normal melting point polyamid or polyester carrier thread.

The low melting adhesive thread, adhesive yarn, glue thread, fusion yarns, melting sewing threads, bonding thread, hot melting threads when heated, will melt and bond, leaving the non fusible carrier thread keep its mecanical strenght for holding the textile structure together.

(Grilon C85 bonding and glue thread - Grilon C110 yarn- Grilon C140)

The counts available are the following: C85-200 Dtex, C85-400 Dtex, C85-900 Dtex / C140-45 Dtex, C140-110 Dtex, C140-200 Dtex.

C85-332 Dtex PES: Our new thermoformable yarn, available in many colors.

GRILON® bonding yarn and GRILON® Combi fusible bonding yarn have been successfully used in the textile and clothing industry since more than 30 years.

The possibilities with our bonding yarn, hotmelt yarn are endless but some current uses include: Edge bonding / Thermo-adhesive labels / Fancy yarns / Thermo-bonded hems / blind stitched hems/ bonded sewing thread / bonded chenille yarn / Technical fabrics / Stiffening and Shaping knitted fabrics or garments / Stiffening knitted upper shoes and sneakers…

Using the GRILON® fusible bonding yarn or the GRILON® Combi bonding yarn / Low melt bonding sewing thread / glue thread / fusible thread / fusible sewing thread will allow your company to:

- solve production problems

- Improve the quality of finished garments

- enhance creativity

- innovate in new and more rational production techniques.

- create new trends and products.

Our GRILON® bonding yarn /adhesive yarn /melting yarns/fusion yarns hotmelt yarns /meltbonding yarns and our GRILON ® Combi fusible bonding yarns/ Low melt bonding sewing thread/ fusible stitching thread are Oeko-Tex certificated standard 100, product class I.

Our GRILON® bonding yarns /adhesive yarns /melting yarns/fusion yarns/ hotmelt yarns /meltbonding yarns/hot melting yarn, glue thread, bonding stitching thread, fusible thread and our GRILON® Combi fusible bonding yarn/ Low melt bonding sewing threads have REACH Approval.

Knitted shoes with thread Grilon
Grilon fusible bonding yarn
C85-900 dtex white and C85-900 dtex black
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