Fils Phenoxy
Fil tissé & non tissé
Phenoxy yarns & veil


Phenoxy Yarn MS (Matrix soluble yarns)

Spun from a Phenoxy resin, MS yarn has been specially developed by EMS-GRILTECH for use in the composite industry.

GRILON© MS yarn is available in 2 counts: MS 150 Decitex / MS 300 Decitex.

GRILON® MS Phenoxy yarn, due to its thermoplastic properties, can be used as binding or bonding yarn to stabilize dry reinforcing structures such as unidirectional fabrics (UD) and non crimp fabric (NCF).

Our Thermoplastic matrix soluble yarn can also be used as a stitch thread for tailored fiber placement (TFP) and for preform assembly.

GRILON® MS yarn, having very similar chemical structure to epoxy resin, will dissolve completely into the epoxy resin during the injection and curing process. The result is an homogeneous CFRP component (only fibre + resin) with no foreign materials and improved mechanical properties.

Our Matrix soluble thread has therefore positive effects in the process chain and also on mecanical properties of the final composite.

Phenoxy Nonwoven MS (Matrix soluble)

GRILON® MS nonwoven is based on the same technology and raw material as our JEC innovation Award winning Grilon MS Matrix Soluble yarn.

GRILON® MS veil is available in 3 different thickness: 08g / 12g / 20g per M²

GRILON® MS nonwoven is a light veil made from Phenoxy resin.

GRILON® MS nonwoven can be used as a binder veil to bond and stabilise carbon fiber preforms. After dissolving in the Epoxy resin it improves the impact toughness of the matrix.

GRILON® MS nonwoven veil can be integrated in Non Crimp Fabrics (NCF), or simply used as interlayers in a carbon fiber fabric stack. The stack can be consolidated into a preform by hotpressing at 100 -140°C. During curing of an infused epoxy resin the Grilon MS nonwoven is dissolved to form a toughened matrix.

Since the toughener has its highest concentration inbetween the reinforcing fiber layers, delamination after impact is considerably reduced. If desired crosslinking with the epoxy matrix is possible with various hardeners.

The benefits and avantages of GRILON® MS yarns and veil are the following:

The raw material Phenoxy resin is proven in composites and for aerospace applications.

MS Nowoven offers good drapability.

Stabilisation of dry reinforcing fiber performs by thermobonding / hotpressing.

Dissolves in resin during curing.

Promotes reinforcing fiber adhesion.

Improves the mechanical properties of composite parts.

Local toughening where needed most.

non toxic.

Swiss quality, EMS-GRILTECH is certified according to ISO 9001:2000

Grilon MS Phenoxy on UD fabric

MS yarn in UD fabric.

Grilon binding yarns
Grilon MS yarns on embroidery machine

MS yarn

Grilon thermoplastic yarns and fiber placement technology

MS yarn and fiber
placement technology

Grilon binding yarn on carbon fabrics
Non-woven Grilon MS Phenoxy veil

Sample of GRILON® MS veil

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