Fusible yarns

GRILON® fusible separation yarns are low melt multifilaments that under the effects of heat (steam, hot air, infra-red rays) will melt, shrink and "disintegrate" in invisible particles.

Those fusible yarns and fusible threads are available in various melting points, counts and colours. GRILON ® fusible separation yarn can be knitted, woven, stitched. It is then possible to use it precisely and effectively where needed.

GRILON® separation/ separating yarns.

Our low melting point fusible yarn and fusible threads have been introduced more than 30 years ago in the flat and circular knitting industry and replace efficiently the traditional and costly "hand separation thread" process.

Our low melt separation yarn/ separating yarns allows a quick, clean, safe and effective separation of knitted articles (collars, ribs, panels, socks, trims, braiding lace…) Our fusible separating yarn can be used on all kind of gauge : G3 to G14 or thiner

Fusible yarn VLT (separation at very low temperature: 60°C)

Fusible yarn LT (separation at low temperature: 85°C)

Fusible yarn NT (separation at 110°C)

Fusible yarn HT (separation at high temperature: 135°C)

Our low melting fusible yarns can also be used to create fantasy "holes effects" on knitted fabrics.

GRILON® fusible temporary sewing thread

You can also use our low melting point fusible thread as temporary sewing, stitching thread for many clothing applications. (basting yarns, quilting yarns).

Using our GRILON® low melt fusible yarn will bring you the following benefits:

shortening producing time

reducing cost

Improving quality

developing new production process

enhancing creativity.

Our GRILON® separation yarn /separating yarn/ fusible temporary sewing thread are Oeko-Tex certificated standard 100, product class I.

Our GRILON® separation yarns /separating yarns/ fusible temporary sewing threads have REACH Approval.

Grilon fusible separation yarn

Grilon fusible separation
yarn before separation

Grilon fusible separating yarn

Grilon fusible separation
yarn after separation

High speed collars separation with Grilon yarn

Quick and clean separation
with Grilon yarn

Grilon fusible separation yarn white and black

Grilon fusible separation
yarn white and black